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Can It Play Crysis? Yes has to be the answer
If you are buying a new computer or assembling one, it is good idea to clearly identify what you want from the new machine. This helps avoid scenarios like when you buy a Rs 70,000 computer only to find that it is utterly unsuitable for gaming. Or you may end up spending Rs 50,000 when all you are going to do is watch YouTube on it.

Computers are general-purpose machines. This means all of them can handle, up to a degree, all kind of tasks. Yet, if you know your requirements you can customize and optimize the machine. For example if you want to do lots of gaming, you should focus on gaming-specific hardware, if required, even at the cost of general-purpose hardware. If you are video editor, you should focus on hardware that is suitable for video editing and encoding etc. If you want a silent and compact computer, you should look to build a HTPC (home theatre personal computer) or, as SlackerNinja puts it, a SFF (small form factor) PC. Want the PC to double up as a NAS, look for a machine with lots of storage etc.

Ok, about my next computer.

I usually upgrade to a new computer every three years. That’s how it has been for the last 10 years. If Mayan gods permit, this time too it is going to be same. It's a general-purpose machine but it should:

1- Be fast. Should play Crysis at maximum settings :-)

2- Give a solid computing experience for 3 years. That means up-to-date features. Even in 2015 or 2016 it should be able to handle demanding 3D video games with ease

3- Not crash, throttle, shutdown irrespective of workload. Whether I am listening to a song or running Folding@Home, it should just work. 24x7. Even if I don’t shut it down or put it to sleep for months. And it should work well despite Delhi’s extreme heat — 40 degree Celsius is quite common in summer — even if there is no air conditioner

I have often heard people saying that assembled computers are rarely stable. I have also seen many assembled computers that start giving trouble after six months or so. Stability part is very important for me

4- Have clean looks. Classy and understated. It shouldn’t be like the monstrosities sold by Alienware

5- Be a Value For Money. Yes, enthusiasts spend a lot of money on hardware. But they are also sucker for value for money

With this, the boring stuff is out of the way. Up next are components!

PS: After my last post, 2Shar told me on Twitter
I somewhat agree that I could have mentioned Alienware. But there is a reason why I said Mac Pro. Macs are known for, one, their stability, and two, elegant looks. I want my new computer to have both. Though matching Mac Pro’s looks may prove difficult. Good computer cases are just not available in India. All you get is iBall and Zebronics, most of which is junk. Or the cases from Cooler Master that are in all probability designed by a teen living in his mom's basement

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