Starting the build log

So it begins!

Nearly three years after I assembled my last computer, it's time to put together a new machine. Not much is wrong with the old one. Most of the time its Intel Core 2 processor and AMD HD 4850 graphics card handle everything with ease. But there are games that don't run at decent quality. At the same time, with websites like The Verge coming into existence, it has started to feel a little slow while I juggle between 50 tabs on Firefox, a few word files, and a some other open programs.

A new machine is needed.

Over the next few weeks, I will jot down my thoughts here as I look for the right parts, which are often difficult to find in India, assemble it all together and test it for stability. 

But why the blog?

Three reasons

1- I have heard great things about the wisdom of crowd. May be, I will learn a thing or two from you folks.

2- If I can assemble a PC, I am sure anybody can. May be some of you will get inspired. You know it's super fun, super easy and saves money if you pick the right parts. And it makes you feel really good about it!

3- Too many people make wrong choices while assembling their computers. May be posts here will help anyone who wants to pick the right parts for their next build.

Next I am going to talk about identifying the requirements and setting a budget limit. This is crucial, you know. I have an idea of what I want. But if you have anything to say about the ideal mid-range gaming computer assembled in 2012, like features or performance it should have, please go ahead. 

Though here is the summary of the next post:  I expect my next build to be better than the entry level next-gen Mac Pro, if at all Apple launches something like this. At around half of its price! 

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