Pureview 808 vs Others

Before you read further, let me make it very clear that this is more of a fun test and not a review of the Nokia Pureview 808. I am also aware that I created this blog not to post Pureview pictures but to write about my new computer. There are many posts on computer hardware that are remaining. They will appear here. I hope soon :-)

Now, about the Pureview 808 vs the rest. I am going to put 11 sets of photos. For now, I am posting 5 sets on Flickr, including one shown here. Blogger compresses images too much so I think Flickr is a better choice. Another 6 sets will be posted tomorrow. The pictures have been taken with (the order in which they will appear in sets):

-- Canon A590 Point and Shoot camera

-- Nokia Pureview 808

-- Nikon D3100 DSLR

-- Galaxy S III

Some basic stuff about how I clicked and selected pictures

-- I used auto mode on all devices because it's more of a fun test and I am not interested in finding out the optimum output from these cameras. I am just using them the way a mainstream users will do.

-- I clicked several pictures in a scene with each device. Those you see here are the best as far as my eyes are concerned.

-- There is no editing or image enhancement. I have just resized the pics.

-- I don't believe in 100% crops. Mainstream users don't see their images in full size. These pictures are almost always used on Facebook at a resolution of less than 2MP.


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