Next-gen consoles and why PC games suck

It’s silly season. The season when rumours fly thick and fast ahead of a major technology product launch. This time there are two launches – next-gen Xbox, codenamed Durango, and next-gen Playstation, codenamed Orbis. Given that the current consoles were launched in 2006, there is a lot of anticipation among geek crowd. 

I am not a console gamer but I do keep an eye on the technology for two reasons. One, I write about it. And two, I believe PC gamers have their fate intricately linked with console gamers. If console gamers get good hardware, we will see better games on PC. If they get poor hardware, PC gamers are likely to get ill-designed ports. 

Of late, there has been a lot of discussion around the possible hardware in next-gen consoles. For now, the consensus is that the hardware of Durango is going to suck. PS4 will fare much better but even its hardware may not match what current computers have. 

Timothy Lottes, the guy who created FXAA for Nvidia, has now weighed on the issue. While he largely agrees that next-gen Xbox may not fare very well in comparison to the current gaming computers, he says that PS4 has a chance to shine bright.

It is an interesting post. And a must read for computer hardware junkies. But other than the idea that PS4 can be a fantastic console, I have one more takeaway from it – Microsoft is single biggest reason for poor state of PC gaming. 

I have been saying it for quite some time that the current computers have unprecedented amount of horsepower. But lack of appropriate software holds them back. When it comes to gaming I am sure DirectX, Microsoft’s graphics API for Windows, shares some blame.

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